Crafting elegant code with Ruby DSLs

Talk description
Discover the potential of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) in Ruby. Delve into the intuitive DSLs of your favorite gems and how they work behind the scenes. Use metaprogramming to create your own expressive DSLs that make straightforward configuration and code generation available to all.

In September of 2023 I gave a talk at the Euruko conference in Vilnius, Lithuania about writing your own Domain Specific Language (DSL) in Ruby. This talk goes through the steps of explaining what a DSL is, how it's used and how to write one yourself. During the talk a set of metaprogramming techniques is collected into a metaprogramming toolbox.

The talk was livestreamed on YouTube, and the recording can be found there as well. The slides of this talk are on Speaker Deck. This talk is partially based on my Write your own Domain Specific Language in Ruby article.