About me

Hi there, I'm Tom de Bruijn. A developer, organizer and writer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I can be best reached on my email.


I'm working as a developer, writing primarily in Ruby, Rust, Elixir and JavaScript.

Things I care a lot about in software engineering are communication, good documentation, consistent code style, and making sure the processes are in place so that teams can work effectively together. Even though the code doesn't come first, I enjoy coding a lot.

Want to know more about the technical things I use? Read more about it on my "What I use" page. I love automating and optimizing things on my own system, so I can focus on the important things.


My technical writing is posted on my blog. Here I write about things that interest me personally, like Ruby, Git and system automation.

I'm also writing novels in my free time. Science fiction stories mostly. I'll publish it.. one day.


I help organize the monthly Amsterdam Ruby meetup, Rails Girls Netherlands events, and previously the #NoRuKo unconference 2020 and EuRuKo 2019 Rotterdam conference, with the amazing team at Stichting Ruby NL.