Software Architecture Conformance Checking

Building a Software Architecture Conformance Checking Tool. Collaborative effort with my entire class over a period of six months.

The project

As a student I collaborated on the HUSACCT project as a developer and as a manager. My role was to create the service that would create the diagrams of the analyzed software. With one other student however, I also managed the flow of communication and code on GitHub. I wrote a detailed plan on how to use the Git version control system in combination with GitHub for students who had never used it. I based it on Vincent Driessen's Git flow but removed a lot of aspects to make it easier for new users.

The project took six months to complete and in that time we were able to create a working application. We couldn't make the application perfect though, so we documented every problem we knew existed on GitHub. With this information next year's class could easily pick up the project and know what had to be done to improve it. Speed and code quality were the biggest problems in the end, but I guess that's what you get with some 20+ students who all have very different programming experience. Otherwise it's a great tool which I would still be using if it supported Ruby.

Future work

In 2013 I graduated as a Bachelor of Software Engineering. In the following months I was asked to return to school to help that year's students with the project. They were going to continue work on the application and make it even better. I explained how the system worked and how my year, after a long struggle, decided to manage the project.


The project can be found on GitHub. It contains an extensive README file for more details about what it can do and why it was built.


Since my last involvement the Hogeschool Utrecht has continued work on the project.