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Demo online insurance app

AXA Insurance is a global company that among other things provides travel, life and car insurances. The company is French from origin, but has offices over the world now.

The project

What do I have to do with this? Well, back in 2007 I did an internship with an AXA branch in the Netherlands. The Dutch AXA branch was eventually sold to a local competitor. A year later I was asked to help out to create a prototype application in the AXA Singapore branch.

The application

There was a need for new systems in the Asia region. The ability to purchase an insurance online was one of them. I was asked to create a prototype web application for an upcoming project pitch. The application would first let the customer choose an insurance. After that the customer had to enter some information about the insurance and of course some basic personal information. Eventually they got send to the payment screen that would allow them to really get the insurance without human intervention.

New customers would immediately receive a "My AXA account". With this account a customer could always login online and keep track of their policies. From the same website they were able to make a claim on an insurance they had already bought with AXA.

The account would also allow easy purchases of new insurances available through the system, receive messages about new or changed policies, claims and other news.


The prototype application made in this project will never be released outside of AXA or my own company. No claims can be made upon it. This page is only to inform about previous projects.